Why I’m Doing This

CW: Talks about anxiety and OCD. You can reach the Crisis Text Line by texting “START” to 741-741.

Hi guys,
Finally launching this blog after thinking about doing something like this through a lot of last year. I’ve decided that I need a platform to express myself and show how passionate I am about honoring the good and bad of mental illness and considering neurodivergent perspectives in mental health treatment.

I was diagnosed with anxiety when I was five. Which for me, brings up a whole host of other questions about why someone would put their five year old in therapy. But again, I was really weird and still am so there may be some reasons behind that. Although it may not have been clinically relevant for my whole life, I’ve had anxiety in some shape or form for a while, and that gives me the license to talk about it.

The other part of this, and to be honest the reason I’m so passionate about this blog, is my OCD. It was recently diagnosed, but I self-identified as having OCD earlier on. Over the past few months, I was still open about it and had done a lot of research to reach that description. However, I was consistently doubted. There were also many people that did not understand that I have intrusive thoughts and how they differ from normal thoughts.

That’s part of what motivated me to start writing this blog, because I think that mental health treatment shouldn’t be based off of what neurotypical (non mentally ill) people want for neurodivergent people. I don’t want other people with OCD to be put in a situation like the one I was in (more on that later) where people trying to “help” someone with OCD actually just trigger them. The other reason for starting this blog, however, is that mental health issues and mental illness can be extremely isolating. I want to open up about my story and hopefully someone else can know that they aren’t alone.

Thanks for the read,